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Minnesota Resorts For Sale
Welcome to Resort Sales Group, Inc.

If, you are looking for a business with a new life style for you and your family you have come to the right place.

I offer only the finest Northern Minnesota Resorts & Campgrounds. They have a history of being cash flowing businesses – that is – they produce enough income to pay all operating costs and will make the mortgage payment after a 20% down payment, plus give you a salary for your family living expense.

Here is an example:
A 12 winterized cabin resort selling at $3,100,000.00 with a down payment of $620,000.00 with a balance remaining of $2,480,000 will produce enough income to cover operating expenses such as property taxes, garbage collection, insurance, electricity, wages, pay the mortgage payment, etc. and leave a comfortable amount of about $75,000.00 for personal salary.
You will find that my listings are vague with no pictures as they are very confidential. For more information call me at 218-854-7500 or my cell at 320-630-9391. By signing a confidentiality form and supplying a financial statement you can become aware of the details.

As a broker I sell only resorts and campgrounds and I have owned resorts for over thirty years. I am knowledgeable in resorts operations and the funding of resorts. Upon request I give a two hour free seminar on the subject of resort ownership.

A "Resort" with enough income to pay all the bills, including the payments, and give you a decent salary - is the kind of "Resort" RSG, Inc. sells.

Although there remain dozens of resorts and campgrounds for sale that are offered by other brokers, you should be concerned about a resort that is for sale that does not make a good income. Do not look at these resorts and waste your time or even consider the risk of buying a resort that will not feed you and make the payments.

Call me today and get started with your new life.
Norm Cole
1-218-854-7500 or 1-320-630-9391
Norm Cole
Norm Cole, Broker/Owner
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